give hugz plz.

sup gaiz. k bye.

She’s aliveee~

Mikl from BrokeNCYDE. Absolute sweetheart. Kim & I drove to Maryland from RVA just to see them live. I have an awesome video of them performing Freaxxx w/ Se7en’s crowd surf. It was only Mikl and Phat J that were at the merch stand after theirset. Kim and I just decided to wait for about 20 mins, but no one else showed up so we went back on the floor to watch Blood On The Dance Floor who gave an awesome performance as well. After the show, we were still hunting down BC13 members. Went outside and saw this huge line of fans wanting to meet BOTD. I suggested we walk around to look for BC13’s tour van. Ended up asking a crew member guy if the guys were still meeting fans. He ended up telling us what color their van was. Found the van only saw Mikl so I went to him and asked if it was possible to meet the other guys and he let us. I peeked in their van and Antz looked like he was asleep. Se7en peeks over and said hi, we talked for a bit. It was awesome as fuck. When they hit Richmond, I’m gonna make a smoke sesh happen. 

This area was pretty neat.

This lasted for only one day because I got sent home from work because of the blue which I thought was ridiculous. Fixed my hair, now it looks “normal”.

Someone play Zombies with me. My PSN ID is deadletter_lol. 

This man is ridiculously handsome.
Just got home from the Blackout Forever Tour. Amazing.You all don’t understand how much I lovelovelove this photo. Haha, it looks perfecttt. I love perfect photos from shows. 

Late for work.

Yes, I did this. Silly flyaways. I’m bleaching some of it next week. Woo.I like it a lot. I drove home with my window down and felt the breeze hit my scalp. It felt awesome. Hahaha. 

Oh, just happily doing my hair.AHAH. My arm looks huge. 

Cameron Liddell @ The National in Richmond, VA. This was the ONLY photo that came out the best that I took. Of course I had to tweak it a bit. Stupid fog machine. The show was amazing. I’m still upset that my camera died when AA got on stage. I only was able to take photos during one song and started a 19 second video of the second song and then… it dies. GAH.