My life is absolutely golden now.

I’ve been on Twitter 24/7, anyway! One big thing that I have finally adjusted myself to is being alone after 4 years. I have been enjoying life more than I ever could right now and it took me some time to realize I can enjoy it on my own. For the longest time, I always yearned just to have someone there. No longer do I have to worry about that. I love the way things are going in my life right now and I don’t need to depend on someone for my happiness. MY LIFE IS FANTASTIC RIGHT NOW. AGH. lol.

I will not rush myself into things anymore. I don’t regret anything, I take it as a learning experience. Absolutely blessed to live the life that I have, I try hard to not take anything for granted. Life is grand.

Work, please do not get in the way of me going to another show this coming Saturday. I’ve already missed Chelsea Grin/Attila last night because I was too tired from the previous late night of bartending then having to open at BWW the following morning.

Payday tomorrow! Little bit more money to knock out the rest of my tire bill. I have $600 left to pay. Woo, fuck my life.

OH REMINDS ME, must finish my taxes now. 

LOL.I’m bartending at Shogun this Saturday for the Asians In-VA-Sian party. That is me trying to make a friend come and get wasted. LOL.Pretty nifty title though, eh? 

I should’ve been asleep 2hrs ago

…but no, I wanted to browse on Tumblr for the past 4 hours. Found some interesting people to follow, though.

Trivium are flawless live and I am going to make sure I see them again and again and again.

I also need to get in touch with someone from my favorite band to get faded with, again. First time wasn’t enough, of course not. Making this my goal. LOL.

I kept bitching about not working enough days.

This is my second week straight with zero days off. Working every morning. AWESOME. I am being sarcastic. I would like to work evenings now, why will this not happen for me. Gah. Just one day, let me sleep in until like 2pm which I haven’t done in months. lol.

I initially had Thursday off. Okay, now looking forward to Sunday.

Please let me have Sunday off. PUH-LEEZE. 

Though, I should be glad. I had to pay $900+ for 4 new tires. Time to work for all that back. WOOT. 

s/n; i am in love with rick genest. 

The money I’ve saved up is now going to be spent on a bunch of concerts that I am going to, lol.

I just found out Asking Alexandria, Motionless In White, Trivium + etc are coming to play at the National on March 25. adsljflaskjdfak;lsdjf.

Last time I saw Motionless in White was in December and they were amazinggg. 

I bartended another party Saturday night.

I absolutely loved it. I didn’t realize it was gonna get so packed. I initially was gonna leave within an hour after the party started because I thought it was gonna be dead, just leave it to the other bartender. Unlike the last several parties, this one wasn’t bad.

Sort of sucks that I can’t list this as a work experience, though. lol. 

Someone go see Attack Attack! with me next month.

The more the merrier. It’ll be on February 22nd at The Hat Factory. WOO.

Their new album comes out  in several days, akjdflkjdsf I’M SO EXCITED.

Work was so slow today.

I also had to deal with that one customer that complains, every single time, he comes to get takeout. I see him every week and he is never, ever, ever, ever happy with his order. I don’t understand why he continues to come back.

That was like the best thing that happened throughout the day because it was so boring. Gah.

I have the rest of the week off until next Tuesday. Why?  

I am also enjoying Demi Lovato’s Unbroken album so much. So, so, so much. I love it. I also have the latest Cobra Starship album that I have yet to listen to. I’m waiting to get tired of Demi Lovato then move on.

I sold my computer tower. I miss my Phantom. I am also selling my power supply which no one seems to want. I’ll be saving money, slowly… to get another tower and finally build it. I miss playing PC games. Now I’m bored. I wish I had better games to play on my PS3. I miss my 360.

In another hour, I will be sitting in front of my TV and play either Dragon Age or LA Noire. 


Yesterday was… good,

I guess. I worked at Lids from 11am to 4pm. My managers are so lenient, there. I like working with them. Friends stopped by throughout the day. Get off of work, go pick up Topher with Daniel around Iron Bridge so we can all work at Shogun. Work was easy that night, surprisingly… but once we shut down the restaurant and prepared for the party, it got crazy. I haven’t bartended a party like that in so long. I can also definitely say I made the best tips last night, alongside with one other bartender. We had over $200+ to split between us.

Anywhooo~ it was nice. I’m bummed I didn’t get any photos ‘cause I was so busy lolol I had a good time nonetheless. I missed out on the stripper. It sucked being short. I tried to watch from behind the bar, but I couldn’t see shit because people were too tall. Gah.

Day off from all three jobs tomorrow, WOOOOOOOO. 

I’m bartending on New Years Eve.

One, I hope that it will be busy. The last two parties I’ve bartended for were dead.

Two, I hope these people are not dumb drunks. I remember repeatedly serving this one moron who I cut off, then got his friends to order for him. Long story short, he almost hits a girl. A different girl gave him a black eye. His mugshot made it in those Captured newspaper things that you’d find at WaWa.

Three, I hope people tip well. A dollar will do, not 3 cents.

Four, apparently strippers are going to be making an appearance. I don’t know how I feel about that.

Five, I’m gonna end my shift an hour early… So I can get a bit wasted. LOL.

I hate how so many things has to be so centered around money.

I haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet. I plan to shop at Target. My mother is going to receive $1-$3 dinnerware. Don’t think of me as cheap, she has not used any of my last few gifts at all. I spent $150 on ovenware set, yet she continues to still bake in those aluminum ones. I got her things from Sephora that she has still left in the gift box. I just don’t like the thoughts of things I get be unused lol. I went to Target for the first time in a year or two. I did not realize how nice most of their items were. Especially these plates I found, gorgeous. They were all below $4, I’m gonna grab like 20 of them.

OH. This was something that has completely made my day. Reggie told me I have great willpower. That feels good to know. I kept saying how I wanted this and that, but I know that I can’t… I am somewhat glad that he noticed that, motivates me even more to save and all that jazz. I try to make every paycheck go toward one major necessity then save the rest. At least try to after that. The next one is going towards new tires. The two on my left side failed inspection… but I somehow ended up getting a new inspection sticker. I’m just glad it hasn’t snowed yet.

I’m hoping Lids will give me more hours this week. As much as I hate, haaaate having to do work, I wish I could work almost everyday. When I’m not at Buffalo Wild Wings, I’ll work at Lids. If I’m off at those places, I’ll try to work at Shogun. I would even make my different schedules meet within the same day. I feel like I have no choice. I would rather work than sit around at home. I’ve done that too much.

Chris Motionless has a calendar out. It’s $25. I would totally get it if it was not that much. Not saying he is not worth that. I would list that man as one of my role models. Despite how he appears on the outside, he has his head straight. It’s amazing to read and hear all of the powerful things he has to say and wants to help get across get overlooked because of how he looks. I find him absolutely gorgeous, definite plus. I always look forward to what he has to say on Tumblr. If you are wondering why I praise this man so much, you can click on this link.

Okay, done rambling. 

So, I just thought of what men I find incredibly delicious. I said delicious. I didn’t put too much thought, really… but Andy Glass would be on my list. I would put Kyle Pavone’s name down, but he cut his hair.

I have a car now. Her name is Altimas Prime. 

I edited my music player; Bad. Ass.